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Production of process equipment

Production of process equipment is carried out for various spheres of industry - from the food industry to the construction industry.

Process equipment is equipment used for certain types of production processes. When we mention this name, we primarily mean automatic lines and facilities, which will enable continuous production, processing and packaging.

Using process equipment, a company automates its operations and speeds up the process of production and distribution to end users. For that reason, production of process equipment is a very important aspect.

Production of process equipment for the construction industry

The construction industry is one of the largest industries that use process equipment for the smooth running of all works.

Production of process equipment for construction primarily involves certain types of agitator for various materials.

The planetary agitator is used for mixing semi-liquid materials and has a very high degree of material homogenization. In construction, it is used for mixing acrylic-based facades.

The counter-current agitator is used for mixing types of mixtures for finishing works in construction. With the help of this mixer, you can successfully mix grout, adhesives for tiles or Styrofoam, dry facade material or mechanical plaster.

A dissolver machine is most often used for finishing works in construction and mixing liquid materials. In order to adequately mix dispersions, semi-dispersions, paints, or liquid construction substrates, you will need a dissolver agitator.

When we talk about the preparation of materials for construction, we can't help but mention classifiers, that is, dehydrators. These machines will efficiently prepare the sand used in construction. The spiral classifier is a very efficient machine for washing, desilting and draining sand for making asphalt concrete. With its help, impurities are successfully separated from sand and unwanted particles.

In addition to this process equipment for construction, you can find a lot of other necessary equipment for construction works and companies at EING.

Production of process equipment for packaging in various spheres of industry

Production of process equipment in the modern, technological age is reaching its peak. A growing number of companies in various industries are automating product packaging to speed up production and distribution.

So today there are different types of packaging machines, for different product textures. For example, the screw packer is used for packing granular as well as powdery materials. This packer does the job for which it is intended in just a few seconds.

For construction works, the turbine filleris most often used. It is intended for filling paper or plastic valve bags with powdery or fine-grained materials - cement, mortar, coal dust and the like.

For the packaging of granular and granular materials in various spheres (food, construction, pet food) an automated packer is used for measuring and filling in PVC packaging or cardboard boxes. For fully automated production, it can also be equipped with a system for automatic packaging addition.

The machine for wrapping with the stretch film is one of the most specific machines. Although it requires manual attachment of the film, it will automatically wrap the stretch film around the product. It is necessary to position the pallet on the moving stand, attach the foil and press the Start button. The rest will be done by the machine itself. When the process is finished, it is necessary to press the Stop button and manually cut the foil.

Where to find quality process equipment for various industrial spheres?

The company EING - Doo Smederevo was founded 29 years ago and offers you the highest quality process equipment. First of all, the company is engaged in the production of process equipment in the field of mining and construction.

Many years of experience and the modern equipment we use to provide you with a guarantee of quality. Our company strives to satisfy the customer's needs and meet even the most demanding clients. Quality process equipment, respect for delivery deadlines, and the reliability of our company make us your best ally in automating the production process of your company. offers you the highest quality process equipment. First of all, the company is engaged in the production of process equipment in the field of mining and construction.

In addition to the above-mentioned machines and process equipment, our offer also includes dispensers, vibrating screens, various types of conveyors and secondary crushers, as well as shutter and dedusting systems.

For more information about the services and products we offer, you can contact us at any time.

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