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Laser cutting of metal

Fiber laser is an innovation in sheet metal cutting

Laser cutting of metal

lasersko secenje metala smederevo fiber laser

High processing speed, like nowhere else

Laser cutting of metal up to 15 mm thick.

Fiber laser enables cutting with high precision on metal up to 15 mm thick. The focal point is smaller, and the cutting line is thinner , thus avoiding possible deformations. Also, the formation of scratches on the material being cut is eliminated, because the laser head does not touch its surface.

Another important advantage of our metal cutting laser is the high speed of processing, which no other type has. Marking can last less than one second, and marking and cutting with this laser is rightfully declared the fastest laser technology. Which is especially important if you need a large number of elements to be cut.

High cutting speed

No scratches on the material

Fiber laser lasersko secenje metala smederevo

Fast and precise cutting of metal up to 15mm thick

A true revolution in metal cutting was brought by the fiber laser. It is a special kind of solid laser. In it, the medium of active amplification is an optical fiber doped with rare elements. These elements are earth, erbium, ytterbium, neodymium, dysprosium, praseodymium, thulium and holmium.

The active core material is excited by light energy from the diode pump so that directed light is emitted along the fiber. It then transitions into an inactive fiber. In this way, the creation of laser light is ensured without the consumption of expensive technical gases.

Laser cutting of metal in Smederevo

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If you need service laser cutting of metal, call us and we will schedule cutting on our Fiber laser as soon as possible.

Fiber laser application

Laser cutting is an excellent way to produce prototypes, but also mass production for a large number of products.

lasersko secenje metala smederevo
Production and processing 100%
Metallurgy 100%
Construction 100%
Electronics 100%
Architecture 100%
Shipbuilding 100%
Car industry 100%
Agricultural machines 100%
Aviation 100%

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