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Machines for big bag (jumbo) filling

The scale is completely electronic, without moving parts. The height of the bag eye holder is adjustable and fits all existing standard "big bag" / "jumbo" bags. With this type of scale, it is envisaged to attach the bag to the scale via 4 lugs on the bag itself, as well as place the bag on the pallet and the measuring platform of the scale. This is convenient because the pallet and the bag are placed manually, and then, when it is full, the forklift transports it further. In addition to the scale and the crucifixion mechanism, the scale's electrical cabinet is included in the scope of delivery. The filling value is set digitally, via the scale's keyboard. The complete machine can be moved with a forklift.

Technical characteristics
measuring range of the scale: from 10 kg up to 1500kg
platform height: 100mm from the ground
smallest division: 500g
platform size: 1500x1600mm
scale display device - mass indicator:
digital bag counter, independent of the scale display:
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