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Tehnical description

The Turbo Dissolver is a machine intended for mixing liquid and semi-liquid materials such as various types of construction substrates, dispersion, semi-dispersion, paints, etc. as well as various types of liquid materials of high density and viscosity. The dissolver consists of a vertical shaft on which a disc is mounted, which spins at high speed and mechanically homogenizes the material. Mixing technology implies different mixing speeds at different heights of the mixing disc in the container.

Technical characteristics

  • stable construction - a device with the hydraulic lifting of the mixer column
  • from the main drive belt transmission to the mixer shaft
  • agitator shaft made of AISI 304 - regulation of the number of revolutions via an inverter frequency converter
  • lifting the lid with a pneumatic system
  • scraper for the inner wall of the vessel - control panel with regulation equipment

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