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Company "EING" - Smederevo Ltd., has been established in 1992., based in Smederevo, privately owned. Production and offices are located 7 km from Smederevo.
Since its establishment the company recorded continued growth and development of all fields.


Indicators of growth and development are:

- Enlarged production;
- Increasing the volume of production;
- New markets;
- Increasing the number of employees.


Company today:

Today, the company has its own production, engineering, services and operations, primary activities are production and engineering – starting from  project documentation, production of  equipment, put into the operation, proving the functionality, to submiting work technology to the investor - the system -- "turnkey". Our best recommendation are satisfied  investors who get the maximum quality and professionalism for their  money.
With its own experience and modern equipment company seeks to respond to the various demands of the customers in terms of quality and reliability of equipment and delivery terms.
The quality of our equipment show numerous references from the Serbian market and from abroad.